Trend Alert: Toothy Handbags

I realise I am probably the last one to notice, but it seems to me that all of a sudden there is a widespread use of chunky zippers (hence the ‘toothy’ title reference) that may not necessarily serve a purpose other than embellishment in handbag designs. (Case in point, Stella McCartney’s Cavendish Zipper Clutch – clever.) Who exactly was at the forefront of this movement I am not sure, but hey – I like it! I have always had a penchant for zippers in fashion. Though perhaps not at the vanguard, Tom Ford got my attention. My pocketbook is still trying to justify why. Then, I noticed that other handbag designers were also featuring the utilitarian hardware in unconventional ways.


Truth be told, this gallery is representative of the popularity of a black/gold combination amongst designers and manufacturers. I threw in the white and lilac versions for good measure, but other colours are less abundant. While the more budget-friendly bags are nice, I am more drawn to their luxury counterparts, so for now I will limit my zippered accessory to tangle-free earphones… which cost $3.99 incidentally.