Carpe Diem

Live Your Dreams
Make living on Cloud Nine a reality. Artwork available at The Motivated Type on Etsy.


In the spirit of ‘You only live once’ (a.k.a. #YOLO) and #newyearnewyou, here is a reminder to invest in a dreamcatcher (or make your own with a little DIY from Pinspiration) today. Otherwise, cut straight to the chase and take the first step toward achieving your goal, whatever that may be. Talk to friends and family about your dream like it is certain to become reality – the worst thing you can do IMO is keep it a secret. Then, you would only be accountable to yourself, not to mention that you could probably do with a few cheerleaders. Besides, your ambitious attitude may become contagious!

Don’t be too proud to ask others for assistance, and be gracious when it’s offered unsolicitedly. Also, age should never be an excuse or a barrier between someone and his/her dreams.

Take it from me: I wanted to start a lifestyle blog ages ago, but work and personal commitments deterred me from starting something in which I could not invest more time. I waited until the holidays to finally pour myself in to two projects* I had postponed, and I have been so fulfilled by actually realising my objectives that I wish I had commenced a lot sooner. Regardless of whether anyone else appreciates it, I have established an outlet for my boundless creativity (which can be really oppressive at times) and can now channel my thoughts constructively. Anyway, more to the point, positivity breeds positivity, and everyone should be so lucky to live their dreams and appreciate the spirit of #joiedevivre.

*More about my other brilliant idea here.