Budget-Friendly Dental Care

This will be a quickie… Hands down, my favourite dental care combination includes the Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Whitenting & Enamel Strenghening Toothpaste + Colgage Ultra Compact 0.01mm Slim Tip Bristle Toothbrush. I feel like I have just been to the dentist for a routine cleaning everytime I brush my teeth. The bristles of the toothbrush are small enough to reach between the teeth and gums because they are super slim at the tips. These brushes seem to only be available in ‘soft’; however, my dental hygenist told me that ‘soft’ is the way to go anyway. The only down-side is that the brush doesn’t last as long as less delicate disposables, but the up-side is that the soft bristles make for great cosmetic up cycling.

As for the toothpaste, first of all it is baking soda- and peroxide-based which I prefer over anything sweet and goopy anyway. Second, it actually whitens my teeth and has obviously strengthened my enamel because I notice that certain ‘problem’ spots have become less sensitive (even to the baking soda). This product retails for £3.75 at Boots, but I have seen it on offer for as low as £1.50 at Sainsbury’s online. I think I will stock up while I have the chance!