Cuff Me

  STELLA VALLE ‘Gladys’ Bracelet – $250 TULESTE 2″ Channel Cuff – $195 JANIS SAVITT High Polished Gold and Pyrite Cuff – $528 STELLA VALLE World Cuff – SOLD OUT STELLA VALLE New York City Cuff – $315 ERICKSON BEAMON ROCKS ‘Tropical Punch’ Cuff – $81.40  

Budget-Friendly Dental Care

This will be a quickie… Hands down, my favourite dental care combination includes the Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Whitenting & Enamel Strenghening Toothpaste + Colgage Ultra Compact 0.01mm Slim Tip Bristle Toothbrush. I feel like I have just been to the dentist for a routine cleaning everytime I brush my teeth. The bristles of…

Carpe Diem

  In the spirit of ‘You only live once’ (a.k.a. #YOLO) and #newyearnewyou, here is a reminder to invest in a dreamcatcher (or make your own with a little DIY from Pinspiration) today. Otherwise, cut straight to the chase and take the first step toward achieving your goal, whatever that may be. Talk to friends…

Trend Alert: Toothy Handbags

I realise I am probably the last one to notice, but it seems to me that all of a sudden there is a widespread use of chunky zippers (hence the ‘toothy’ title reference) that may not necessarily serve a purpose other than embellishment in handbag designs. (Case in point, Stella McCartney’s Cavendish Zipper Clutch –…

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